Villa AT


310 m2

Søgne, Kristiansand, Norway

Completed 2018

The Villa AT sits atop a small rocky outcrop in the coastal town of Søgne, along Norway’s southern coast. The design is precisely tailored for the requirements of the clients’ family, containing three bedrooms and a guesthouse, all arranged across a single level. The clients had lived in a house on the location for many years, giving them a unique understanding of the site, the views, the climate, and the way light changed throughout the seasons. They were able to bring this knowledge to the brief, allowing Saunders Architecture to make the most of their plot with a modern and practical evolution of the local domestic vernacular. The resulting family house is modestly sized, but makes up for its relative lack of scale with an abundance of light and an ever-closer relationship with the landscape.

Credits: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres, Márk Szőke, and Joshua Kievenaar

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg