Solberg Tower


2000 m2

Sarpsborg, Norway

Completed 2010

We have been commissioned to design a park at the entrance of Norway coming from Sweden. This park will be one of the first places travelers will stop when entering Norway. The park is surrounded by a long wall composed of cortain steel on the outside and wood on the inside surface. The wall encompasses a 2000m2 space, making it into a quiet park. The wall continues to the surround the park and then rises 30m in the air to form a tower. The tower is just a simple stair. On top one will be able to see the Oslo fjord.

Credits: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres, Inès Moco Pereira, Mats Odin Rustøy, Greg Poliseo, Michaela Huber, and Mathias Kempton

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg