15 m2

Haugesund, Norway

Completed 2014

Slice is a a 15m2 small garden house located in Slåttevik, Haugesund in Norway. The inside space is 15m2 including a bed, kitchen and small bathroom. We added the outside patio to double the space of the small project. We formed it in a way that the inside, outside and courtyard walls to all looked like one piece. We worked with the premises given by the site, and that meant preserving the old, existing plum trees in the garden. They now grow through the triangular building, undisturbed. The contrasting colors of the black exterior against the white interior helps giving the impression of the building being «a slice» in the garden.

Credits: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres and Adam Siemaszkiewicz

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg