Illusuak Centre


1200 m2

Nain, Labrador, Canada

Completed 2018

Located in the northernmost community of Labrador, Canada, Illusuak is a new cultural centre and administrative hub for the region that makes an important statement of autonomy for this indigenous community. The 1,200m2 building was commissioned by the Nunatsiavut Government and acts as a “living room for the community,” with an auditorium for language classes, café, a craft shop, studio space, and 75-seat theatre. The building also provides offices to the Nunatsiavut Government as well as Parks Canada. Designed by Saunders Architecture, Illusuak makes a bold architectural statement using forms and materials derived from the region’s tradition and heritage.

Credits: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres, Ken Beheim-Schwarzbach, Rubén Sáez López, Joshua Kievenaar, and Chris Woodford

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg